Deceased Estate

Deceased Estate - Probate Property Valuations

Settling and dividing an Estate can be a difficult process when it comes to ensuring all family members are equally compensated.

Obtaining the fair market value of any property under the estate is the first step to achieving an appropriate outcome.

My independent formal property valuation reports are specifically written for family members, trustees and or executors of the estate or any other party that has a legal interest in a land or property interest.

Valuations are often completed for the date of death rather than our inspection date so it is important that the valuation reflects the market at this time. Either way I will ensure that the property valuation report is written to suit the trustee or executor of the estate. I will also ensure that any special instructions are taken into consideration so that you receive the report to suit your circumstances.

All myvaluations take into consideration the location, size of the house and land area, the condition of the property including any renovations or additions that have been completed.

I will inspect your home internally and externally to make sure that all aspects of the property are considered when making an assessment.I will also take into account and damages that may be negatively affect the value of the home.

It is my aim to provide you with a detailed report that reflects the current fair market value of the property so that all parties can be confident in the settlements and payouts they receive.

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