Pre-Sale & <span>Pre-Purchase

Pre-Sale & Pre-Purchase

Buying and Selling a Residential House can be an important decision for anyone.

When choosing to purchase or sell of a property, everyone should consider a pre-purchase or pre-sale property valuation.

Buying and selling a property raises the question of how much to pay or what price should be accepted. Purchasers and Vendors need market information. They need to understand:

At Melbourne Property Valuers we provide you with a market range for the property and from that a single price point to enable you to make a comparison to those agents’ appraisals that can be so confusing.

One of the most important features of our valuation reports is that our market range and single price value is supported by recent market activity in the area. This allows you to hold your real estate agents accountable. If an agent is anticipating significantly higher or lower values than the valuation report states you can demand that the agent provide you with additional market evidence to that support those alternate values. If the agentis unable to do so, you have probably just saved yourself from listing the property over or under the true market value.

We all realise that agents are competing for your business but that should not leave you in a situation where your marketing dollars are being spent trying to sell a property at the incorrect price.

And as a purchaser you do not want to be the buyer who pays over market value because the agent has convinced you of these higher price points.

In the same sense, if you are considering making an offer on a property, an independent property valuation report can help you decide on a Fair Market Value offering price.

An independent valuation report will ensure that you are not paying over market value or under selling your property. We can help you make a smart decision when it comes to entering the real estate market.

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