Capital Gains Tax Property

Capital Gains Tax Property

Capital gains tax is just another way the government likes to get their hands on your profits.

It’s my experience that property owners would like to minimise this expense as best possible to ensure that they can be rewarded for the headaches that come with renting out their property asset.

It is my goal to try to minimise this liability with a valuation report that reflects the most suitable value for your tax needs while still maintaining a fair market value to suit the requirements of your accountant and of course the Australian Tax Office.

Let’s reduce your tax liability as best we can.

A formal property valuation does not need to be expensive as many of my competitors seem to think. A valuation for capital gains tax needs to be carried out by a professional valuer and written thoroughly and with detail. More importantly you need a valuer who is on your side in reducing future tax liability.

My property valuations can be retrospectively dated or carried out at the current fair market value.

My most common capital gain tax valuations are for people who are:

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