Self Managed Superannuation

Self-Managed Superannuation / Fund Reporting

The cost in revaluing your SMSF property is unwanted and can be hefty from some of my competitors. I however endeavour to provide you with a formal written valuation report on your property at a low cost that will meet the auditors and the SMSF laws requirements.

My experience in providing fast and relevant property valuations for your self-managed super funds will ensure that you will also meet the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) reporting requirements.

After many discussions with accountants and the general public I always hear the same comment that this is a cost incurred or an expense that they cannot avoid but would prefer not to have. Well give me a call and I will endeavour to at least minimise this expense your SMSF has to incur.

For further details call me on 03 9811 7099 or email me direct for an instant quote.