Property  Settlement

Property Settlement

Property settlements are an extremely important matter for all parties involved. Dividing a property asset requires a fair and equitable split to ensure neither party is short changed or feels an out of pocket loss.

A formal valuation from Melbourne Property Valuers will identify the fair and reasonable market value of your property to assist with the separation of ownership.

It is an increasingly common situation that a property purchase is made by multiple owners. And these landownerships are subject to changes depending on the individual's personal situation.

It may be a simple internal family buy out or a possible valuation prior to presenting the property to the open market, either way each owner will be required to make an informed decision as to the fair market value and potential sale price.

These informed decisions can only be made with the knowledge of a well written and supported Property Valuation Report.

Melbourne Property Valuers will provide a formal valuation report with a property's true fair market value that is supported by recent market activity and current market conditions.

All our reports are written under the Australian Valuers Institute guidelines and code of ethics.

So whether the settlement is a buyout, standard settlement or open market sale of your property, a Formal Property Valuation Report can alleviate potential disputes between interested parties.

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